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Andreas Kalker
Andreas Kalcker is a biophysical researcher of German origin who has lived most of his life in Spain and for many years has been living in Switzerland where he has investigated and registered several international patents that deal with the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for both hypoxia and for inflammation, infection, sepsis and Sars -Cov 2 -Coronavirus. 

His thesis and experience later became the basis treated extensively in his first book "CDS health is possible."

Years later the publication of his second book "Forbidden Health" shows us how the recovery of diseases from A to Z considered impossible to cure in the past, obtains a remarkable success, but opens a wide controversy in the world of conventional science of the "Establishment". 


The unfair controversy created by some media outlets confused Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) with Bleach or sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) which is another substance and reached such a point that its sale was censored by Amazon without explanation despite its excellent reception. by the public that continues to ask said company to return the book to the virtual shelves. 


The Forum of Banned health has more than 80.000 registered and 3.000 registered members of the SVNB using the CDS successfully without harmful effects claimed by some health agencies and where you can read and exchange real experiences and questions regarding the use of CDS.



After 15 years of research, Andreas Kalcker maintains that his magisterial formula of Chlorine Dioxide in aqueous form or CDS is also the definitive solution for Coronavirus since it has no negative side effects, something that has been fully demonstrated in international multicenter clinical trials and by the 3000 Doctors of the international organization  COMUSAV with a presence in more than 24 countries with more than 20.000 registered in the Forum, and of which Kalcker is also an honorary member and co-founder. In 2021 he was awarded the Doctor honoris causa for his work from the Executive University of the State of Mexico.




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