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Chlorine dioxide, is one of the great health controversies , maybe the biggest that the world has known to date.


After 13 years of research and several books about it I have collected thousands of experiences and observations that chlorine dioxide definitely has an excellent therapeutic effect  without any discussion, since the experience itself is not questionable.

For those who launch "Ad Hominem" type attacks on me. 

I am irrelevant, because I am only the messenger of a knowledge that they do not want to accept or hear because of reasons of their own. 

If the warnings about its supposed toxicity by the FDA, and the WHO were true, the Bolivian hospitals should be full of intoxicated persons, which is clearly not the case and in fact there are also no deaths or injuries in more than 20.000 cases treated from the more than 3000 doctors of the COMUSAV.

The increase in oxygen is measured after infusing 500 ml intravenously with a concentration of 50 ppm of ClO2, observing an increase of up to 50% in the venous blood gas. It means that those professionals who claim that this is not theoretically possible, should review their theories since science is based first on observable and measurable facts and only secondarily on written references. 

For those who think that chlorine dioxide cannot be used in the CDS form because it is a disinfectant; alcohol -which many of us drink- is also a disinfectant, meaning that the name of a substance is not the most relevant thing about it.

In Bolivia after studying the effects of CDS in thousands of cases directly in the hospitals y clinics it has been possible to observe its 95% efficacy against covid-19 without any negative effects, and it has become not only departmental law but a state law as well.

Perhaps a few could be fooled, but it would be impossible to fool the 3000 doctors of the COMUSAV ( who have reported more than 14.000 recovered cases of Covid-19 with PCR tests done before and afterwards. PCR tests fail about 50% of the time? we have then 7000 cases of recovered persons in record time without any negative effects.

Does the coronavirus or covid-19 exist? Regardless of that, there are clearly defined symptoms that are very real and hundreds of thousands of deaths, including those of the apparently healthy hospital personnel and doctors, with more than 1500 deceased doctors in Mexico alone. CDS has worked perfectly both to prevent infection and to help regain health for people in any of the three symptomatic phases.

The greatest fear of the people in power is to lose this control grip that gives them physical security in their many actions and beliefs.

A person with an elevated conscience realizes that there are no good or bad people; there are simply belief systems that each individual defends making them think that they are in the right, sometimes provoking the death of others and sometimes even their own. 

Therefore, it is very difficult to learn or investigate without the framework of an opportunistic (and corrupt) system riddled with rules established and controlled by the economic powers that be. 

which in turn control world pharmaceutical supplies through money and patent mechanisms. 

All of this makes it difficult for doctors to study alternatives and learn new paths for themselves.

Actually the system is not corrupt ... corruption is the system. It must be understood that corruption is the parasitic form of healthy opportunism, which in turn is a basis for the survival of nature ... since all living beings are. 

Money is the main mechanism of this system and those who control money control everything in point of fact. Only if economic independence is achieved freedom could come to the individual as a result.

The question is whether it is more appropriate for some to have conscience (con-science = with knowledge) and live according to it or not. People with a higher level of consciousness realize that one never owns things, things own you, via the mechanism of fear ... of losing these. The most dangerous people for the established system are those without fear since they cannot be controlled, and in turn they are the only ones capable of creating change in a system, which remains locked in its own rigidity.

The truth needs no explanation, lies do.

Right now there are people in intensive care who no longer have hope. I ask them : Are the doctors who attend these therapies and have surely already heard of CDS, going to sit idly?

Faced with the unavoidability of death; what can you lose by trying this substance in non-toxic doses? Unfortunately, change only usually comes when pain is greater than the fear of change.

The Helsinki treaty, protects any doctor for using a treatment not proven by traditional science, when after having used all the proven resources, no results can be obtained. Human rights are ALWAYS above state administrations. 

If the patient requests it, doctors can use CDS therapyIf this treatment finally proves itself useful, refusing to use it would incur in gross negligence.

The conscience of each individual is what ultimately defines each individual as a human being, Remember that evil always wins when good people do nothing because of fear.

This is why television constantly manipulates every human activity by seeding constant fear and ignorance to keep "the slaves" quiet and obedient. Everyone is to date fortunately free to ignore this indoctrination and turn off all television sets for good.

I focus on solutions -not complaints-, I have decided to ignore negative comments and I have freed myself from fear via a deep understanding.



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