2015 Andreas Ludwig Kalcker


Every human being wants to be happy, and I am not different. When we feel healthy, strong and vibrant, we are able to physically do whatever we want, but when our health starts deteriorating, everything in our life… suffers.
After leading a more materialistic life during the 90’s, I learned that true happiness lies within oneself and not in the possessions one has, because in the end one does not really have anything, it’s possessions that have us. Genuine happiness arises from the fact of making another person happy. Is there anything that can make us happier than saving another life? Although seemingly impossible, all of us can do it! While being born may be the highest emotional impression we can experience, when we lose a partner, or a mother loses her son, or a son loses his father, we experience the lowest emotional impressions we can endure, besides our own death.

I think all of us would like to be heroes, saving other peoples’ lives, whether it’s saving them from drowning or from a fire or a car crash. I believe this is the reason why so many young people study medicine. They do it with the aim of helping and healing. We need to know there is a pathway to health, even when we have been told that there’s nothing else we can do. We can’t give up Hope… ever.

When I found out by my own means that there were alternatives to conventional medicine, it was eye opening. From that point on, I dedicated myself to research a substance known as MMS, which is no more no less than chlorine dioxide, one of the most widely used and effective disinfectants for over 100 years of our human history, and that hasn’t created any resistance. Well, I beg your pardon… we have to admit that it does create resistance, since there are some attention-seeking detractors who see it as a dangerous and poisonous substance and hence, this is a controversial subject. Because when someone is trying to explain to flat Earth champions that Earth is actually round… this collides with the ideas of a stubborn German like me… 🙂