Is Wikipedia is becoming CNN (Corrupt News Network) ?

WIKIPEDIA: Controversies surround other proposed environmental causes;for example, the vaccine hypotheses, which have since been disproven…
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Andy Wakefield.

He has 100% of my support.

Evidence reach 100 years ago in this book Aleman 1913 with the name “cemetery vaccines” !! 36,000 documented cases and 139 images, and Stats.

German and partly in English

Since then the number 49,275,308,388,434,555,632,687 cases of vaccine-related dementia. !!

[Link download whole book free PDF Format]

There are interesting Stats:

  • Japan dende 1882-1885 without vaccination were sick with chickenpox 4210 1059 dead
  • and 1886 with compulsory vaccination chickenpox patients 73337 and 18676 dead
  • 1887 compulsory vaccination varicella 39729 patients and 9967 deaths
  • 1892 compulsory vaccination with varicella 33779 8409 patients dead
  • 1893 compulsory vaccination with varicella 41897 and 11852 patients dead
  • 1897 41946enfermos mandatory vaccination of chicken pox and 12276 dead
  • 1908 compulsory vaccination varicella 18075 patients and 5838 deaths

There is already evidence of missing data and statistics made “rare”

Dr. official government statistics from 1870-1872 Dibtmann

  • 78 of vaccinated sickened and died 18 = 19%
  • of unvaccinated they sickened and died 4 4 = 100%

Vaccinated die less …… so it is better to be vaccinated?


Dr. Franz Hartmann:

“If the dangers of vaccination is not known, vaccination is foolish, if known, is a crime.”