CDSodium chlorite (NaClO²) + hydrochloric acid as activator at 4%
CDIChlorine dioxide solution, ClO², in isotonic saline solution (0.9% NaCl)
CDSDissolution of chlorine dioxide, ClO², in water (gas dissolved in water)
HRCSodium chlorite (NaClO²) + hydrochloric acid as activator at 4% activated with time
Cl−Chloride ion
Cl²Dichloro gas, chlorine gas
ClChlorine, Element Periodic Table
ClO²Chlorine Dioxide
ClO²−chlorite ion
ClO³−chlorate ion
ClO4−perchlorate ion
ClO−hypochlorite ion
MMSNaClO2 = Sodium Chlorite + Activator (Citric Acid) (name by Jim Humble)
MMS2Calcium Hypochlorite = Ca (ClO) ²
NaClSodium chloride (common salt)
NaClOSodium hypochlorite
NaClO²Sodium Chlorite
NaClO³Sodium chlorate
NaClO4Sodium perchlorate
PPMParts per million (Ex. 3000 ppm = 0,3%)


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