Many sources say that vaccines cannot cause autism, however almost 90% of the approximately 2000 parents that I have known say it was because of the vaccination or immediately afterwards especially when the children reacted with fever, cough or dermatitis . In my lectures, pediatricians approached me confiding in me that they are practically obliged to vaccinate as long as they are not fired. They are obliged to act without a protocol designed by the pharmaceutical industry and if they do not comply with it, they are attracted to it.

The media repeat that there is no relationship and that vaccines are safe, let's analyze this fact.

In Germany the Kiggs study was carried out, which revealed very interesting data stating clearly that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. there are more studies in this regard.

        Salzburg Elternstudie (2001-2005)
- Results: Unvaccinated children - practically without asthma; vaccinated 1 in 10; and three to five times less Neurodermatitis  -
- Englische Kohortenstudie (from 1988 - from 1999 )
-  Results: . Vaccinated children are up to 14 times more likely to have asthma than unvaccinated children and up to nine times more likely to have skin problems 06  
- Long-term study in Guinea-Bissau
- Results:  . The mortality rate of unvaccinated children is approximately half of those vaccinated  -
- Study in Sweden at Waldorf schools
- Results:  unvaccinated children have a lower risk of allergies
- New Zealand (1992)
 Results:  . Unvaccinated children are five times less likely to have asthma than vaccinated children, 2,5 times less likely to have skin problems, and 8 times less likely to be hyperactive  -
- Hepatitis B Triple Series Vaccine and Developmental Disabilities in American Children Ages 1-9 Years
- Results:  Children who receive the entire series of 3 hepatitis B vaccines have a 9x higher rate of developmental disabilities than unvaccinated children.
Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry , September 2008. Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman

The evidence reaches 100 years ago in this German book from 1913 with the name "the cemetery of vaccines"!

36.000 documented cases and 139 images, and statistics.

PDF book download link

Back then there were related cases no. 49,275,308,388,434,555,632,687, Dementia due to vaccination. !!

There are interesting statistics:

Japan from 1882-1885 without vaccination sickened 4210 chickenpox with 1059 dead
and 1886 with compulsory vaccination 73337 chickenpox patients and 18676 dead
1887 with compulsory vaccination 39729 chickenpox patients and 9967 dead
1892 with compulsory vaccination 33779 chickenpox patients 8409 dead
1893 with compulsory vaccination 41897 chickenpox patients and 11852 dead
1897 with compulsory vaccination 41946 chickenpox patients and 12276 dead
1908 with compulsory vaccination 18075 chickenpox patients and 5838 dead
There are already evidence of data omission and that made "rare" statistics

Official government statistic for Dr. Dibtmann from 1870-1872:

Of 78 of the vaccinated, they became ill and died 18 = 19%
Of the unvaccinated 4 became ill and died 4 = 100%
The vaccinated die less ... is it better to be vaccinated?

Dr Franz Hartmann:

"If the dangers of vaccination are not known, vaccinating is foolish, if it is known, it is a crime."


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