Preliminary tests

At the end of the month of April XNUMX there were many more deaths than those reported in the official figures.

The most heavily affected spot was the city of Guayaquil.

Given the emergency situation, the Association's doctors AEMEMI  Initiated by Dr. García, they used Dioxide first with their staff after falling ill with the coronavirus disease and later they used it with their own relatives with 100% success. 

They were the pioneers in the use of CDS in Covid-19 with a resounding success with more than 82% recovery rate after only 4 days of application and with a 97% success in total. 

Below is a video available about this.

Prospective clinical trials

As a result of these impressive and more than satisfactory results, it was decided to carry out a prospective international multicenter trial to officially determine the efficacy of CDS.

NIH trial

This trial was discharged from the NIH (National Institute of Health) from the United States of America to confirm the effectiveness of CDS (low concentration aqueous chlorine dioxide) for the treatment of Covid-19 internationally.

To make the trials as easy as possible it was decided to group 20 people so that they would participate; adding other clinical centers to the trial. At the end, the sum of all the centers was published, grouping many more than 100 people in total in order to have a relevant sample in academic terms.


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