COVID19 Long Term Effects in Patients Treated with Chlorine Dioxide

COVID19 Long-term effects in patients treated with chlorine dioxide
Manuel Aparicio-Alonso1
, Carlos A. Dominguez-Sanchez2
, Marina Banuet-Martínez3
1,2,3CentroMédicoJurica, Querétaro, Mexico
ABSTRACT: The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID19) has generated widespread health concern and has overloaded
health institutions. As the number of patients with COVID19 recovers, so does the frequency of reports of symptoms similar to those of COVID19
after discharge. A telephone survey was carried out with standardized questions in which the participants were asked if they had
had any of the 25 possible sequelae after being diagnosed with COVID19 and treated with a Chlorine Dioxide Solution (SDC). A
One hundred and sixty-one people completed the survey. We found that increasing age is a risk factor (OR = 1,035, p = 0,028, 95% CI =
1,004-1,069), and the probability of having any symptoms in moderate patients is 0,077 compared to mild patients (p = 0,003). I know
that 64,6% of patients treated with CDS for SARS-CoV-2 infection experienced a mean of 3,41
Long-term effects. There were no variations in the number of sequelae reported according to sex, age, severity of COVID19 or therapeutic method. Five o'clock
Most prevalent manifestations of the 25 distinct long-term symptoms observed in this study were fatigue, hair loss, dyspnea
trouble concentrating and trouble sleeping. In addition, individuals treated with multiple drugs (COVID19 conventional treatment
conventional treatment plus an EDC) had 2,7 fewer cases of sequelae, and patients treated exclusively with EDC had 6,14 fewer incidences of
Long-term effects. People who receive a CDS are 19% less likely to suffer long-term health effects than patients who receive
standard COVID19 therapy. According to the results of this study, patients who receive a CDS have a lower probability of
develop sequelae. Furthermore, the incidence of long-term effects is lower in individuals treated exclusively with a CDS. The
Recent findings on Chlorine Dioxide support the development of clinical studies to evaluate its efficacy in the prevention of
development of the long-term effects of COVID19. 


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