Can Chlorine Dioxide Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus?

Can Chlorine Dioxide Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus?

Viruses have caused many epidemics throughout human history. The new coronavirus [10] is just the latest example. A new viral outbreak can be unpredictable, and the development of defense tools and countermeasures against the new virus remains time-consuming even in today's era of modern medical science and technology.

In the lack of an effective and specific medication or vaccination, it would be desirable to have a protocol or a non-specific substance to render the virus inactive, a substance / protocol, which could be applied whenever a new viral outbreak occurs.

This is especially important in cases where the new emerging virus is as infectious as SARS-CoV-2 [4]. Objective and structure of this communication.

In this editorial, we propose to consider the possibility of developing and implementing antivirals applying high-purity aqueous solutions of chlorine dioxide (ClO2). The objective of this proposal is to initiate research that may lead to the introduction of antiviral protocols. To do this, we first discuss some important properties of the ClO2 molecule, which make it an advantageous antiviral agent, then some previous results of the application of the gas against viruses will be reviewed.

Finally, we formulate a hypothesis about methods to control the spread of viral infections using aqueous solutions of ClO2.


1 Department of Physics, Group of Chemical Physics, Budapest University of Technology and
Economics, Budapest, Hungary
2 Institute of Translational Medicine and International Nephrology Research and Training Center,

Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary




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