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The latest ClO Toxicology Document made with electrolytic ClO2

In this study, a chlorine dioxide solution (UC-1) composed of chlorine dioxide with a electrolytic method and subsequently purified with a membrane. UC-1 was determined to contain 2000 ppm of chlorine dioxide gas in water. The efficacy and safety of UC-1 were evaluated. Antimicrobial activity was reduced by more than 98,2% when UC-1 concentrations were 5 and 20 ppm for bacteria and fungi, respectively. The mean maximum inhibition concentrations (IC50) of H1N1, influenza virus B / TW / 71718/04 and EV71 were 84,65 0,64, 95,91 11,61, and 46,39 1,97 ppm, respectively. . 3- (4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl) -2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) revealed that the cell viability of mouse lung fibroblast L929 cells was 93,7% at 200 ppm. UC-1 concentration higher than expected in routine use. Furthermore, the 1 ppm UC-50 showed no significant symptoms in a rabbit eye irritation test. In an inhalation toxicity test, treatment with 20 ppm UC-1 for 24 h showed no abnormality or mortality in abnormal clinical symptoms.

Functioning of the lungs and other organs. A ClO2 concentration of up to 40 ppm in drinking water was found to show no toxicity in a subchronic oral toxicity test.

UC-1 showed favorable disinfection and a trend of higher safety profile than previous reports.

Keywords: chlorine dioxide (PubChem CID: 24870); antimicrobial efficacy; antiviral assay; inhalation.
toxicity; subchronic oral toxicity

ClO2 toxicity


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