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First book: CDS - Health is possible

The first book by Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is based on his thesis, where through via research in cattle it was possible to see the effectiveness of CDS and where it is demonstrated that it is not a placebo experience since animals do not have the placebo effect.
cds health is possible


Health is full Energy in harmonic movement.
Health is the capacity and individual and collective right to fulfill human, biological, psychological and social potential.
In recent years, my life has changed in every way. The simple fact of wanting to help others, of realizing that this world is like a 'matrix', with its own rules, where nothing is what it seems. I continue to believe that the human nucleus is of good general character and that helping others is something that we carry deep within us.

Third Book: Kalcker "The Essentials"

This mini guide is an extract from my book "Forbidden Health" with more than 400 pages of information and is aimed at people who are interested only in "the essentials and protocols", I hope it will be useful and that it will improve the state health of you or the people you love the most.

It is an inexpensive mini-book to give away or to take on a trip where the essential Protocols of the Forbidden Health Book are to give a solution on hand when it is most needed, since it can help you out of a difficult or even a serious situation.


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