Basic introductory course on chlorine dioxide

We present the first course of our online training, it is an introductory course, a basic level, which we have made as simple as possible so that everyone can learn the basics of:

What is Chlorine Dioxide and how it works, in addition to learning how to make it and use it safely at home. 
Our intention is to share with everyone the information we have after more than 10 years of investigation, of cases of people who had been abandoned by traditional medicine, without any medical solution and had the courage to take control of their own lives. in order to change it forever.

This information is too valuable to remain hidden, so we have decided to take a step forward in favor of the freedoms of each person so that each individual can make their own decisions and know that despite what they tell us, there is an alternative.


This course is dedicated to the insatiably curious people who are always looking for something new, to the nonconformists who know enough to avoid believing everything they are told, to the skeptics who need to check things for themselves to create their own truth, to all those people that the self-proclaimed "science of truth" once told them that there was no solution for their problem and they have decided not to give up ... in short, for anyone who has the courage to take charge of their own life and say: now I decide!

Access the basic course by the Institute of Natural Biophysics where you will learn about the use of Chlorine Dioxide from its foundations. This knowledge is important for those who want to up-to-date and get first-hand information on Clo2.




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