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It’s good to be skeptical in this society of ours where there is so much deceitful information around, but it’s not the same to be skeptical than to be a detractor. It’s easy to disregard an idea due to incredulity. This doesn’t mean the idea is false. Detractors have the obligation to prove their views, to find reliable evidence, and not just imitate a baseless opinion without performing their own research.

Character assassination, discrediting de messenger doesn’t change the message. However, we have to recognize that we are a society of beliefs where conscience doesn’t matter too much. We can find the evidence of this fact in many religions, which are sadly used to control the conscienceless masses. I have been smeared and denounced just for wanting to share my knowledge for years .

During my trips and seminars around the world, I have met conventional medicine doctors who have been un-certified. There’s nothing sillier in academic terms, since knowledge is not something we can “put on and take off”. The simple action of removing a certification doesn’t eliminate the individual’s knowledge, acquired over many years. Lately, this mechanism has been systematically utilized to discredit the non-compliant ones who disturb the system. The system limits doctors’ own research. In some countries, doctors are even banned from using a microscope in their office…

The most usual formula is to claim that the data gathered from research is false and therefore, the scientist must be a fraud. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a classic example. He proved a direct relationship between vaccines that cause severe gastrointestinal problems in children and autism. Since mass mainstream media thrive on polemic, they are quick to jump on any subject that can generate strong negative energy and emotion, whether it is true or false.

Dr.-Goiz-Duran --- Andreas-Ludwig-Kalcker  The effective  Biomagnetic Pair therapy of Dr. Goiz Duran is another example for character assassination


The fact that chlorine dioxide is an effective remedy of low toxicity has been proven. If it would cause bigger damage, the affected individuals would be publishing it on social networks, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. If we search in YouTube, we will find plenty of testimonials from all over the world that claim how it has worked to heal from diseases considered incurable by conventional medicine. And this is what really matters. Detractors just copy and paste officially sourced texts accusing the substance of a supposed toxicity, without properly studying it, or realizing that inhaling is not the same as ingesting it. I can ingest water, but I can’t inhale it without asphyxiating because alas! I am not a fish!

Finally, I want to thank with all my heart all those who have supported me over the past 10 years of fighting, being on my side, encouraging me even in the darkest moments. But I also want to thank the anonymous critics I mentioned earlier, since they have contributed to my personal growth, since I have interpreted their critics as a genuine challenge.

I beg all those who have taken chlorine dioxide or other therapeutic substances mentioned, with or without success, to publish their experiences via YouTube, Facebook or other means, to create a genuine chain of support with the aim of changing this world, creating the kind of true happiness that lives inside, when sharing the amazing experience that “incurable was yesterday.”