PAL060000018My intention is not to prove academically anything because I consider myself irrelevant as a scholar. I suggest you follow only your own conclusions. I am
just trying to expose here what is logical, with irrefutable facts. If I can get people, including academics think about what is written, perhaps in the future positive changes can occur, which is what needs our world.

Curiosity is my motivation, not because of ego, since I consider myself irrelevant as an academic. If I manage to get some academics thinking about what is written here, perhaps there can be positive changes in the health field in the future, and this is something the world needs.

I have learned that there is absolutely nothing in our Universe that is not ruled by logic. The problem is that humans are generally too dumb to understand it. This is one of the reasons why I am into biophysics within the alternative medicine field: because I want to find new answers to the old unsolved problems. Since science is based on trial and error, I want to apologize upfront if I am mistaken in some details. I will try to draw conclusions in the most logical possible way, based on evidence and testimonials.

In the past few years, my life has turned inside out at every level. The simple fact of wanting to help others, of realizing that this world is like a “matrix” with its own rules, where nothing is what it seems, has changed everything. I still believe that the human core is a good one and that helping others is embedded in us. I have been able to witness it in my travels, where in many occasions I got help without being asked for anything in return. I have been able to see it in the sparkling eyes of the mothers whose children have recovered from autism, and in others who have beaten cancer, and in the therapists that received an excellent tool to help their patients, and also in all those doctors with the courage to listen and confront the status quo, when the classic mainstream medicine system didn’t provide any solution.

We need to understand that health has become big business. To be accurate, it has become the biggest business known to man (besides banking), since everyone, sooner or later, will end up being their “client” and will do whatever it takes to recover when his health is in jeopardy. The pharmaceutical industry has held a monopoly on health for the past 100 years. This business does not allow alternative competition… and it’s ruthless. Since there is so much money to make between licenses, patents, and government scholarships, any alternative medicine solution is immediately discarded, ridiculed, smeared and judged. The industry owns the game and nothing can change this… at least for now.

Doctors suffer the most because they are the executive agent of the deadly health system. They are at the front row in this trenches war, without liberty to do anything at all that might violate the policies of pharmaceutical law. They can be expelled from the medical system and lose all chances of working again if they choose to do otherwise. Such situation creates an internal conflict, and this conflict creates disease. According to statistics, the average life span of a doctor is 56 years and on the other hand, this is the most represented profession among female suicides. Day after day, doctors live the patient-drug conflict, suffering emotionally due to this setup. No wonder so many of them can only work behind a shield of coldness to avoid any identification with the patient that would bring them pain in the long run, provoking a serious depression. Paradoxically, conventional medicine tends to treat these depressions with palliative drugs that do not actually heal.

More and more medical professionals are coming to me asking about chlorine dioxide treatments and I gladly provide them all the information at hand, if someone want to listen to an alternative medicine quack :). I can’t nor want to make any recommendations about treatments for patients, for lack of time and legal reasons. My motivation lies in researching and discovering new paths of treatment. Personally, I think the doctor or therapist is the right person to treat the patient.