Disease is a lack of energy.

Disease is a lack of energy, in theory it is easy to obtain energy simply by eating... and doing sports, of course!


The problem is that a sick person usually does not have the energy to run a marathon, nor enough oxygen for all the processes of the immune system to take place correctly in the body.  

On the other hand, microbes or viruses are capable of multiplying much faster than our immune system can eliminate them through a process of oxidation with chlorine, called phagocytosis! 

There is actually a race against the clock when we have an infection, be it viral or microbial.

We can observe in the fire flame that although we use the same amount of gas in both cases, only if there is enough oxygen present, the burner flame is bluish and much hotter than the yellow flame without oxygen. Our body in order to generate energy uses oxidation to have optimal combustion. 

At the same time, oxygenation helps maintain the alkaline-acid balance necessary for its proper functioning. 

Red blood cells, carry this much-needed oxygen.

Burner with oxygen vs without oxygen

Chlorine Dioxide is capable of doing the same, it is nothing other than ionic salt and oxygen seen in a simplified way. Like red blood cells, it is capable of storing oxygen and, like blood, it releases it in the most acidic areas, dissociating, when the Chlorine Dioxide molecule disintegrates -during the oxidation process- into salt on the one hand, and oxygen on the other.

This disintegration releases a lot of electrochemical energy, which in turn eliminates acidic pathogens from our body, turning them into alkaline “ashes”. 

Our cells are not affected, they defend themselves with glutathione and are capable of dissipating electrical charges.


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