The truth turns out to be very different!

It does not originate in the brain but it is usually induced in the enteric system  BY VACCINES (click here to see Video in English)
It cannot have a genetic cause, genetics do not change in 40 years to go from 50 to 10.000 autism cases!
The theory of oxidative stress as such is wrong and therefore everything that is based on it including: (Mytohormesis(Oxidative shielding)
The normal "intestinal mucosa" does not produce mucus, ammonia, or rhamnolipids, definitely this need more research.
La -Immunosuppression by vaccination facilitates the proliferation of protozoan parasites that constantly produce toxins.
More than 1000 children were cured , many of severe autism with the protocol of anthelmintics and CDS and especially an adequate diet.

Kids can simply go back to being normal as you can see in this video. Opinions against this treatment come from the usual suspects...

Remember that autism is a huge business when it comes to drugs, supplements, and treatments. Obviously it cannot be in the interest of "some" that this "incurable" disease can indeed be cured. 


Has anyone noticed that critics insist on my supposed financial benefit? Well, my personal benefit is the personal satisfaction of having done the right thing, since to date I have not received any material reward from treating autism, quite the contrary; It cost me a lot of money!. 

Science, when it becomes a religious belief, does not allow itself to be manipulated even with the most evident argument.

My answer to the question "how could anyone dare to give Chlorine Dioxide to children" is quite simple: Ask the children yourself: now they are able to speak and answer back This is the only truth. 

Autism recovery tests


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