What is Natural Biophysics?

"Natural Biophysics" is the search for the intrinsic logic within nature and its mechanisms, specifically regarding to the field of health.
It is about opening new horizons and developing paths for the treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases, which to date have no solution, except pharmaceutical palliative remedies that do not lead to the full cure of the patient. 


Natural biophysics always tries to explain things through pure logic since nature always follows it.

natural biophysics

The key question therefore is: What is the lowest common denominator of all diseases?

Let's focus on the basics. Our body and our cells obtain energy through a combustion process. This combustion or oxidation provides us with energy. We burn fat, carbohydrates, and proteins, but we are also capable of burning toxins. 

We all know the phrase "I'm going to burn toxins" when someone goes to exercise. This exercise provides more oxygen and more oxygen provides more "fire". 

The evidence is very simple; we can see it when we are having a barbecue; blowing the coal increases temperature and combustion.

We can also see it in combustion engines when we want more efficiency consuming the same amount of fuel and we obtain more power through a turbo compressor that is nothing more than a large fan that blows more oxygen to the combustion engine, getting much more power using the same amount of fuel.

We use oxygen constantly as soon as we are born and therefore this can be much more important than what has been proposed to date.

The next question that arises is: What is my body? We know there are more than 50 trillion cells in the human body, but do they know it too? What if they know exactly how these communicate with each other?

Biochemistry has undoubtedly discovered many forms of cellular communication through released chemical substances and yet is unable to explain all of these processes; obviously there is something else here. 

Electrophysiology of the body: Our mind constantly emits electrical signals and these electrical signals are definitely faster and can trigger endless reactions in our body, but for this to happen we mainly need coherence, I do not mean mental coherence ... of which there isn't a lot in the world anyways, I mean cellular coherence.

The lowest denominator of all disease is the lack of energy that creates imbalance in the body

Andreas Kalker


Very little is actually known about how frequencies work in the body, but in my field of Natural Biophysics this is one of the main research subjects where I have been able to develop specific programs for frequency generators, such as the case of the Biotrohn.

The Biotrohn® transmits microfrequencies through hand-held electrodes to improve cell coherence and ergo; the biological function of the body. This works in such a way that frequency therapy regenerates weakened immune systems and improves cellular communication through variable frequencies causing cellular coherence.

The device has an extremely precise tuning of a wide frequency band extension and is therefore the best choice for physicians, therapists and their patients as an excellent treatment aid. 

The device has 135 therapy blocks and the 1Hz -900kHz frequency spectrum that is automatically activated in a defined sequence. 


The older brother of the Biotrohn® is the plasmatrohn® it works through cold Plasma pulses, a technology that royal Rife already used in the 40s but with the difference that today it can be articulated with much more precision through the digitization of variable frequencies, maintaining the “spirit” of the Rife device using valve technology for the emission of low frequencies. 

These create cellular coherence but at a deeper level by using cold plasma technology helping in chronic and grave pathologies. 

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