Chlorine dioxide moleculeCHLORINE DIOXIDE (aka MMS or CLO²)

We are presented with a dilemma in regards to legality: Can it actually be legal to let people die only because chlorine dioxide in appropriate and harmless doses has not been approved as a medical product by an institution? Who is responsible for these deaths? What do we stand to lose by just trying when conventional medicine has abandoned all hope? There are many who simply can’t afford to wait until this substance is legalized through a millionaire process that can take at least five years until it can be applied. My personal stance is very clear: there can’t be any governmental law above natural law, when we are dealing with the preservation of life with dignity. Therefore, I am going to defend everyone’s right to experiment on themselves, especially for those people who have no other option and are enduring a terminal or serious illness. Any law that forbids the voluntary use of a substance with healing purposes invalidates itself since it is a criminal felony to attack the fundamental right to life.

No government has the upper hand over the right to life and self-determination.


They sent me the other day a letter that was sent to the Ministry of Health:

Hello. I am researching MMS or chlorine dioxide, a product that you have forbidden in Spain. I would like to know how to contact the person responsible for this decision, since I see no harmful results for the organism. I am talking about this article

I would like to know which scientific or clinical research you have used as the grounds for its prohibition, since according to my knowledge and that of many researchers, we have arrived to the conclusion that this was initiated in other countries due to a conflict of interest, something very sensitive.

Best regards,
Ivan Moreno

Dear Mr. Moreno,
The withdrawal from the market you mention was implemented because it is an illegal drug, since every drug requires the Spanish Agency for Drugs and Sanitary Products’ approval before its commercialization. Thus, there isn’t any assessment report, because the product’s authorization process was not even initiated.
Best regards.


CONCLUSION: As you can see, the government didn’t even bother to check if chlorine
dioxide has positive or harmful effects in the body. They just labeled it as illegal… end of
the story. Really sad.