For almost 15 years I have been personally answering all e-mails and also with great pleasure, one by one in a personal way.  

Everything has come a long way in these years and the community of voluntary users of chlorine dioxide and other alternative treatments has also grown and I cannot give private advice.  

In 2020, COMUSAV ( was created as an international organization with thousands of professional doctors applying the CDS with great success in the Covid-19 pandemic as the best option to "PLANDEMIC", saving thousands of lives. In this time I have received many thanks and I want to say thank you in this place to everyone who has helped and supported me. In order to expand and grow we need people capable of organizing, answering and teaching, this entails expenses that are covered by being a member as in any organization or club.  

It also gives us legal protection for its members to speak freely in the Forum without breaking laws, nor being able to be denounced as we're dealing with a private organization under Swiss law.



Presentation of the ALK Foundation


The Foundation is engaged in research in biophysics, electromolecular medicine, and oxidative technologies and treatments around the world.
We are especially dedicated to researching oxidative therapies and the use of frequencies as a new electromolecular approach in medicine.
Our objective today is the same as in the past: "to provide innovative tools to health professionals".


After 16 years of research we have good news:
There really IS an immediate solution for a large number of diseases that until now were considered incurable.


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If you wish, you can contact me by email for any other information that does not appear on this website.

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