cell-voltageWhat is the natural biophysics?
As much as we distinguish in allopathic medicine  medicine and natural medicine, I would also like to define it in the field of biophysics, a field little explored in reality, there is not only the common cell biophysics, but also the “natural biophysics” which is the search for the intrinsic logic of nature and mechanisms of it specifically in the field of health.

cell-voltage-2This is opening up new horizons for developing treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases, which to date have no solution except pharmaceutical palliatives that lead to long term intoxication of the patient. Natural biophysics always tries to explain through pure logic since nature always is. An inconsistency or anomaly is usually the result of previous erroneous axioms, because nature uses the same building blocks and with the same formula in all its natural process.

The basic principles should always be simple and science is increasingly difficult getting lost in details without knowing irrefutably the bases. There are many doctorates in physics but none can explain even the most basic things like why gravity  or a magnet works. There are many professors and doctorates in medicine but no one knows why a body gets sick with certain pathogens and other not,  in the official dictionary of diseases, the renowned Merck Manual®, most chronical diseases are of “unknown origin.”

 We must seriously ask ourselves what kind of mainstream medicine is this…?

In order to advance we have to do the right question. The key question therefore is: What is the lowest common denominator of all diseases?

The denominator of all disease is the lack of energy that creates imbalance in the body

(I = EQ – E)

,48It’s a very simple equation where I represents the state of disease,  EQ balance and E energy. If treatment is able to get more E the result is equivalent to EQ balance and therefore health. This lack of energy is not only meant at the biochemical level but also at biophysical and psychological level. A trauma for example, draw a lot of energy from the body regardless of whether it was a physical or a psychological trauma, such as the death of a family member. The body needs to be balanced to be healthy something already discovered by Claude Bernard (1813-1878) who had the idea that the body’s healing capacity depends on the internal environment.

Science explains complex life, sometimes so complex that nobody realizes incongruities. They are the same inconsistencies that can give us a clue to the truth, and this truth will teach that the earth is not flat ( perhaps…:). Science should be focused in the future on if their bases are actually valid and correct since a laureate prize does not mean precisely that a theory is absolutely true, and if you do not believe can find documentation on the Nobel António Egas Prize Moniz “for his discovery of the therapeutic value of lobotomy in certain psychoses”.

Let’s concentrate on the basics. Our body and our cells obtain energy through a combustion process.

(¤hThis combustion or oxidation provides us with energy. We burn fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but we are also capable of burning toxins. All of us are familiar with the expression “I am going to burn some toxins” when somebody goes to the gym. Exercise provides more oxygen and more oxygen provides more fire. There is a simple way to prove this: we can see this process when we have a barbecue. When we blow the coal, temperature increases and so does combustion. We can also see it in combustion engines. When we want more efficiency consuming the same amount of fuel, we obtain that power through a turbo compressor, which is no more than a fan blowing extra oxygen to the combustion engine. This way, we obtain much more potency with the same amount of fuel.

We use oxygen constantly from the moment we are born and therefore, oxygen can be much more crucial than what we currently think. At medical school, we have been told that free radicals are harmful to the body according to Denham Harman’s theory. However, we don’t need a lot of brains to realize that people who regularly practice sport consume more oxygen but somehow are also healthier, which is the opposite of what the “oxidative stress” theory claims. Actually, this theory was debunked by Prof. Dr. Michael Ristow *, who won the German research award for this work on oxidative stress research. Mitohormesis demonstrates an increase in mitochondrial activity when there is low potency oxidative stress. However, nobody has rewritten the books to rectify the false theory of free radicals… Why?

Chlorine dioxide in all its forms provides oxygen to the interstitial tissue and to all the body fluids, activating the mitochondria, which in turn generate more energy. This energy allows the body to recover and heal from most diseases. Oxygen is essential and the free radical concept, as it has been promoted in the past, is erroneous. The human body is not a Petri dish in a lab. Everything interacts with everything else.

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