It is based on the D`s 3:

  1. Diet,
  2. detoxification
  3. deworming

hyperammonemia_symptomsIn principle known drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy are used, the treatment is based on the elimination of harmful elements and mucoid intestinal parasitic plasma, which creates a toxic load covering the lumen peventing nutrient absorption, and in turn dumping toxic metabolic waste to the intestine walls, especially ammonia.

This cause Cause hyperammonemia encephalopathy, incoordination, ataxia, tremor, seizures, decerebrate posture, and delayed growth and lethargy.


In children with autism has been found overloading to extreme levels of ammonia probably caused by opportunistic parasites, protozoa and candida as well as other pathogens and toxins. It has also been much talk about a new species of unknown parasite that according Dr.Gubaryjev Moscow and Dr. Volinsky Florida Worm Rope call. Although it seems probable, there are scientific doubts and it should be investigated further to reach the final truth, but partly the path is  correct this parasitic mucus does not have to be there.




The total recovery of more than 235 children to date are an irrefutable fact

Some universities like the University of Bologna in Italy investigated the alleged parasites in some children an concluded that it is only intestinal biofilm.

Well, I have discovered bolus of eggs under a microscope
(not bananas) that have been found  by many collaborators  worldwide. Biofilm does not produce eggs! I had even professional people who thought it is pollen for its golden color. Definitely can not be pollen or its form nor external structure and also appears as a chain that initially in the off-white and rust color changes to yellow gold.


My intention is not to win awards, or sell products about it, I just want to help mothers to regain their lost  of children from neverland. I can not imagine any greater punishment for a mother to have a son who ignores you completely, assaults, and that is not communicated or emotionally or verbally.

I want to say thanks here to Kerri Rivera, who tirelessly  put together all the pieces of the puzzle allowing recoverys of children at home without medical stay simply following her book. No one can or is intended to guarantee parents a full recovery as it depends on many more factors but it has been observed an improvement in all children considerably when it has made a ATEC test (the link is attached this page ) before and after treatment. We do not use systemic drugs that is t absorbed by the body. Enemas are essential chlorine dioxide and the dose is low with activated 10 drops  per  liter of water which  have given good results. At no time I recommend high dosages.

My reason to use chlorine dioxide for enemas as a generic substance  is based scientifically in clinical studies with tetrachlorodecaoxide ( TCDO) a medicine mainly based on the same substane, sodium chlorite and used for the treatment of wounds , immunomodulation and as a protective agent radiation . it is the principle active drug Oxoferin of Oxo Chemie GmbH which is available without prescription in Germany. Other names areAncloximex, Animexan, Balneozoon, Dermazoon, DesoPur, HydroXan, LegioCid, Oxilium, Oxocebron, Oxoferin, Oxomexan, Oxovasin, Oxovir, Oxoviron, Ryoxon, WF10.

Chlorine dioxide is not lye or sodium hypochlorite (!) As they say in some sites or massmedia without any notion of the topic. Hyperchlorite sodium ( NaClO ) is a very different sodium chlorite (substance NaClO² ) as hydrogen peroxide ( H²O²) is not the same as water ( H²O ).

For the treatment there are  facebook groups  where all parents who have had real experiences with children suffering from autism, asperger, pans, pandas, ADH … etc. help other mothers and fathers with their experience of how and how not to. I am working in a research facility in Switzerland and i do not do personal treatments in the moment, I dedicate myself to investigation to help and develop solutions for health problems.

Here you can download the full Book for free.

healing-autism-20140120d [Full Protocol for autism to download]