Here is some evidence of recovery with incredible results thanks To Kerri Rivera.
To date are more than 235 children recovered with previous and subsequent analysis of ATEC
The 2 women who are with me are the mothers of children in each poster.

I’m not saying here that all children recovering from this illness, even if autism is considered unrecoverable,  I can state that virtually all kids improve through specific treatment with Diet; classic antiparasitic drugs, plants and chlorine dioxide for enemas.

I am aware that some critics try again seek lie or my personal benefit. Has anyone noticed that critics insist only economic benefit?  For my personal benefit is personal satisfaction of having done the right thing because I did not charge anything in autism till now it costed me a lot of money. When science becomes an almost religious belief is not allowed to change or the more compelling arguments. Some irrational critics do not realize that their actions can prevent children recover and are responsible , though they do not feel that way because they believe in his learned doctrine book without experiencing anything, using all means of defamation and even lies to achieve your goal. This is not science, this is sad … so I put here some photos with the children concerned and their numbers ATEC clearly showing recovery.

Whoever wants to know more can be connected to one of the Facebook groups of Mamas of these children and ask them if you do not believe me …