What is disease?

Every disease has something in common; disease is lack of energy

Disease is the imbalance of health and represents any state where there is a deterioration of the human organism. In all diseases there is a weakening of the body's natural defense system, which is considered a lack of health. When the body lacks energy for a perfect performance, it goes into imbalance and the state of disease develops.

It is therefore the lack of energy that makes us sick.

Hence the question arises: How do we create energy in our body?

Our body mainly gets its energy from combustion. For energy, we burn sugars, fats, and proteins from our food. We get energy through the combustion of calories, not only fuel is important, since there is another factor as important or more important ... oxygen. 

All combustion needs oxygen, since without oxygen nothing will burn.  


This simple fact is not sufficiently taken into account in most biochemical investigations. It is combustion that creates the heat and energy necessary for our body to function, and at the same time generates electricity, which is the essential vital energy.

The only difference between a living or a dead body is the absence of electricity. We are electrical energy beings with a body that obtains its optimal energy through biochemical combustion.

Chlorine Dioxide provides bioavailable oxygen and can be perfectly observed after an intravenous infusion in venous blood gasometries. They provide the scientific evidence that Chlorine Dioxide dissociates in blood serum releasing molecular bioavailable oxygen



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