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Andreas Kalcker is a biophysical researcher of German origin who has lived most of his life in Spain and for many years has been living in Switzerland where he has investigated and registered several international patents that deal with the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for both hypoxia and for inflammation, infection, sepsis and Sars -Cov 2 -Coronavirus. 

His thesis and experience later became the basis treated extensively in his first book "CDS health is possible."

Years later the publication of his second book "Forbidden Health" shows us how the recovery of diseases from A to Z considered impossible to cure in the past, obtains a remarkable success, but opens a wide controversy in the world of conventional science of the "Establishment". 


The unfair controversy created by some media confused CDS (CLO2) with Bleach or sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) which is another substance and reached such a point that its sale was censored by Amazon without giving explanations despite its excellent reception by part of the public that continues to request that company to return the book to the virtual shelves. 


The Forum of Forbidden healthhas more than 60.000 unregistered and 3.000 registered members of the SVNB using CDS successfully without harmful effects falsely claimed by some health agencies; this is a place where you can read and exchange real experiences and questions regarding the use of CDS.



Andreas Kalcker maintains after 13 years of research, that his magisterial formula of chlorine in aqueous form or CDS is also the definitive solution for the Coronavirus disease, since it lacks negative side effects, something that has been fully demonstrated in international multicenter clinical trials and by 3000 Doctors of the international organization  COMUSAV with a presence in more than 24 countries with more than 20.000 registered in the Forum, and of which Kalcker is also an honorary member and co-founder.


"In dubio pro reo?"

In Latin this means that in case of doubts, one must act in favor of the accused ... something that today in some usually anonymous social networks and in the tabloid press is hardly respected.

Obviously accusing is free ...

In fact there is no longer respect for anything and defamation has become the weapon of choice to manipulate and gain attention or destroy an enemy whose arguments are irrefutable and difficult to contradict. They are known as "Ad Hominem" attacks, which means something like "If I cannot discredit the message, I will attack the messenger."

I know that I do not have to justify myself to anyone and it is not my intention to do so, however I want to give reliable information to those who are my friends, so that they are clear about what is true and what is not.

The following image taken from a social network is perhaps the most defamatory summary possible towards me; something that deep down is totally irrelevant because the message is simply: that the CDS works. 


The biggest problem in our world is beliefs because when we believe something we can fight and argue about it, but when we know something for sure there is no discussion possible because we deal with facts that can be proven and corroborated.

If I finished school :)) precisely at the Alexander von Humbolt school in Wuppertal 

2. As for what my brother says ... We can choose our friends, but unfortunately no one can choose his family ... After stealing the family inheritance, he lives as a squatter after forcing the locks of my house in Spain. (Long live the Spanish legislation in this regard….!) 

3. There is no criminal conviction in Spain or Germany in my name and before making such a statement my criminal record should be checked, which is simply non-existent.

4. There is not a single sales invoice for any hydromotor, the truth is that I developed a system to improve combustion with water, as can be seen in the following video, which is quite old, where I do not sell anything at all, I simply present a solution to improve our world using less gasoline and reducing pollution.

5. I have not bought any degree, (apparently the tuition cost was confused with the purchase of the degree) the small distance university OUAS (University of alternative integral medicine and not classical academic) that after knowing the therapeutic effects granted me the degree of natural biophysics after submitting my thesis that became my first book "Health is Possible" and I was offered to be a Professor in this discipline that is not academically recognized (like many others, namely: Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, etc ...

This institution, after refusing to defend myself against the growing media defamation, chose to return its title. 

6. I am not a Bishop or Pope of anything :)) nor a member of the Genesis 2 church, I dedicate myself to the investigation of the electro-molecular effects of the human body, giving thanks to the discovery of Jim Humble who discovered the beneficial effect of ClO2.  


7. I do not believe I am an Extraterrestrial, but I trust the Drake equation that defines that we are not alone in this Universe, and if only one of the many thousands of sightings is true it would be enough to prove it. Obviously it does not matter that this truth is public.

8. The statement that Dioxide is 30 times more toxic than hypochlorite (Bleach) is false, the LD50 of hypochlorite is 1mg / kg and that of dioxide is 294 mg / kilo, which shows the academic ignorance of the author that results Obviously, since chlorine dioxide is almost 300 times less toxic than hypochlorite, also known as Bleach (chlorox), which is the other substance in question.

Regarding the death of a child in Argentina that was supposedly caused by 5 mg of chlorine dioxide; In the autopsy of the child it was revealed that he suffered from hypochloremia in the blood (means that he lacked chlorine). An obvious question therefore arises: How can you die from chlorine without having it in your blood?


I repeat, obviously accuse is free...

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