Experiment with Andreas Kalcker 

Discover your purpose in life, unlock the keys to improve your health, or rekindle the passion of being a health professional, among many other things. Whatever it is you are looking for, the online courses can guide you to your ideal webinar experience with Andreas Kalcker.   

After more than a decade of research work we are quite pleased to share the research results. 

Andreas Kalcker's seminars and programs allow you to build on what you have learned and create an unstoppable movement. 

You will not only learn, but you will, live, breathe, and apply the true tools of knowledge until these become a part of your identity.

Registration for the CDS therapies online seminars is now open. The seminars will be delivered with live videos and questions with Andreas Kalcker.

Who can take part?


The seminars are aimed at all those interested in advanced health topics, both at a personal level and at the health professional level. 

The goal is to expand our knowledge and give a new perspective to the healthcare industry.

You will have access to the online platform where you can easily and comfortably follow all the information about the new seminars.


Courses and seminars available

Medical training


  • 16 Documentaries and videos of current contents in didactic modules.
  • Three free additional modules from invited specialists
  • A bonus video on easy low-resource CDI production
  • Endorsed and Created by LVWG Physicians
  • Dictated by five doctors, a chemical engineer and a biophysicist
  • With clinical cases documents of CDI and how to use it correctly
  • Very soon available in English and German

Basic Course 1


  • Basic CDS protocols
  • Safe production of the CDS
  • Emergency protocols for COVID 19

Basic Course 2


  • All protocols for using the CDS
  • Safe production of the CDS
  • All protocols for COVID 19
  • Introduction to natural biophysics and therapeutic application
  • Electrophysiology frequency therapy
  • Ancient paradigms of conventional medicine
  • New perspective of diseases in natural medicine

Medical training


  • Available very soon, subscribe to receive notice


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