Health is full Energy in SHM.

In the past few years, my life has turned inside out at every level. The simple fact of wanting to help others, of realizing that this world is like a “matrix” with its own rules, where nothing is what it seems, has changed everything. I still believe that the human core is a good one and that helping others is embedded in us. I have been able to witness it in my travels, where in many occasions I got help without being asked for anything in return. I have been able to see it in the sparkling eyes of the mothers whose children have recovered from autism, and in others who have beaten cancer, and in the therapists that received an excellent tool to help their patients, and also in all those doctors with the courage to listen and confront the status quo, when the classic allopathic medicine system didn’t provide any solution.

salud-prohibida-contraportada-es-loressalud-prohibida-portada-esSome of you will wonder how can health be forbidden, because initially it does not make any sense at all. This book has the intention of opening the eyes of all those who have been programmed, who have received an education based on the principle of compliance, of “believing” scientific facts, without ever questioning them for a second.
We have to remember that every big change in human knowledge was initially rejected, ridiculed, fought and judged, in quite an overwhelming way.

This book is the result of many years of data collecting about allegedly incurable diseases by the bio-physicist Andreas Kalcker, who dares to speak the truth, offering solutions where there were none until now. After recovering from a disease deemed incurable himself, he has been able to find out the lowest common denominator to all diseases and the reason behind such an effective therapeutic response that raises polemic among the conventionalists. This book contains everything one needs to set out on a new paradigm about their physical and psychic wellness, at the same time that they discover that within the pharmaceutical industry… nothing is what it seems.

Andreas Kalcker’s new book is written in a simple and comprehensive style that is suitable for both beginners and health professionals, with a valuable collection of data, protocols and recovery testimonials for an A-Z list of diseases.

Dr. Isabel Bellostas (Peditrician):
“A fearless man in search of the Truth that seeks him.”

Dr. Jorge Valentín Esteves (Oncologist):
“We are deeply grateful to Andreas for his invaluable support for our son and our patients and we want to encourage him so he doesn’t lose heart and continues making the world aware of everything he teaches, which is wonderful.”

Dr. Rosa Ema Peuchot :
“I witness the joy of these mothers when they see their children recovered and I value the noble task performed by Dr. Kalcker.”

Dr. Lucila Vera:
“Andreas is a light being who helps patients and doctors with a holistic approach that allows the body to naturally heal with all his protocols.”

Dr. Hernán Jaciento García Huaman (Gynecology and Obstetrics Surgeon)
“I learned a lot about autism as I was using it on my granddaughter who suffered from this disease.”

Dr. Roberto Morales :
“In this book, Andreas Kalcker calls on the reader’s attention to take health in his own hands, a natural right belonging to all of us. Thanks to him, health is no longer forbidden.”
Dr. Eduardo José Navarrete (Surgeon):
“Extraordinary work by Dr. Andreas Kalcker, whom I consider a true apostle of modern medicine.”

Prof. Dr. Rocio Lapuente:
“Relentless researcher, with whom I shared part of his life adventure. Both teacher and student. Getting to know him was the biggest gift!”

Dr. Fernando Basílico (Cardiologist):
“Andreas, a man that with the logic of his scientific thought, revises the therapeutic vision imposed by the economic powers.”

“Welcome to the world of forbidden health.”