Facts about vaccines

Vaccines against flu 2013-2014 has been approved for use and will contain thimerosal (mercury ) and is recommended for all children , adults and pregnant mothers. Here are the 5 different flu vaccines :

• Trivalent Afluria ® 5.0 ml , 0.5 ml multidose one containing 24.5 mg Hg
• FluLaval ® 5.0 ml multiple dose , a dose less than 25 mg contain Hg
• Fluvirin ® 0.5 ml of a pre-filled syringe containing 1 ug Hg ≤ 5.0 ml multidose , each 0.5 ml dose contains 25 mg Hg
• 5.0ml Fluzone ® multidose each 0.5ml dose contains 25 mg Hg
• FluLaval ® quadrivalent 5.0 ml multidose , each dose containing 25 mg Hg one
Please note that one (1 ) microgram ( mg ) equals 0.0010 milligrams ( mg). Often doctors refer to  thimerosal to be safe and healthy. The way to compare what is in a vaccine is to compare what is considered safe and allowed in our environment : water , fluids and the food we eat , but do not compare the levels we intend to inject .
• 2 ppb (parts per billion ) is the safe limit in drinking water.
• 200

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Facts about vaccines


According to Wikipedia is:

It is an established fact long ago that autism is said to be an incurable disease.

Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by severe developmental deficits, permanent and profound. It affects socialization, communication, imagination, planning and emotional reciprocity, and repetitive behaviors or unusual evidence. Symptoms generally are the inability of social interaction, isolation and stereotypies (uncontrolled movements of limbs, usually the hands). Over time, the frequency of these disorders increases (the current incidence rates are about 60 cases per 10,000 children), because this increase, monitoring and evaluation of strategies for early identification could enable early treatment and improved performance.

Well the truth is different, and one of the most important is the word abiding by what is not autism is not permanent at all. We investigated along with Kerry Rivera, she is the owner of a clinic where autism is treated in Mexico and which evaluates each case with the ATEC score by specialized physicians. At the moment I'm writing these lines are already 124 children recovered from autism. (13/04/2014)

What does this mean? Just to be completely normal again as you can see the video. In regards to the voices against not forget that autism

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