New book "BYE BYE COVID"

put a STOP the Coronavirus epidemic now, the solution is in your hands «Bye Bye Covid» the solution of the coronavirus that they do not want you to know.
A book written by doctors and professionals
that shows a safe and effective treatment against the coronavirus.

According to recent scientific studies it is more than 99% effective without serious side effects.

"Probably the most important discovery in medicine of the last 100 years"

New Forum and Social Network

Access the largest forum uncensored. We have suffered the closure of channels in Youtube, Facebook, Google

It is time to act and be part of the new secure and free communication channel where your opinion counts.

Activists for the truth

Due to the multiple censorships received by social networks and video platforms, I have decided to launch a common project. With your help in a free way and that does not allow censorship in something as important as health. 

If you want to be part of this new network, fill in the following form and you will update your contact subscription. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!


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Due to the multiple masssive censorship exercised by social networks and video platforms, these are the available options to disseminate the information available


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