Possibly the greatest medical discovery of the last 100 years

CDS is an advanced variant of chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) developed by Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker , used for therapeutic purposes and with fewer adverse effects than traditional solutions.

What is CDS?

In this video, Dr. h.c.. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker explains simply and clearly, with facts and scientific data, what CDL-CDS is, how and why it works and much more, based on scientific studies and measurements – a truly impressive video!

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Health is possible

First book
Based on cattle research theses, demonstrating the efficacy of CDS and its potential to improve health. Provides solid evidence that CDS is not a placebo, with examples and case studies. Combines scientific research with practical experience, providing a comprehensive view of the impact of CDS on human and animal health.

Forbidden Health

Second book
Health is fullness of energy in harmonious movement. Biological, psychological and social human potential. Helping others in a complex world. Belief in human goodness. Kalcker's bestseller explores the use of CDS to treat disease and maintain health. Benefits and applications of this therapy.

Kalcker, The Essentials

Third book
Kalcker's third book is called "The Essentials". It is an excerpt from the book "Forbidden Health" and contains key information and protocols for improving health. It is a compact and inexpensive guide that you can give as a gift or take with you on your travels. It will provide you with quick solutions in difficult situations and help you take care of your well-being.

Bye bye COVID

Fourth book
This book is optimal for people who doubt the veracity and efficacy of CDS, backed by more than 30 doctors with data that is useful both for the "Long Covid" and to counteract the harmful effects of "mRNA vaccines" by helping to restore health to those who suffer.

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Kalcker Institute is an educational platform offering specialized courses in electromolecular medicine and advanced oxidative therapies. They provide innovative live classes, video material and learning opportunities worldwide in multiple languages. They aim to revolutionize healthcare and offer unique qualifications in electromolecular medicine and integrative therapies.

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Conferencia en Panamá

Este 20 de octubre, el reconocido investigador biofísico, Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, compartirá sus descubrimientos y experiencias en el campo de la medicina electromolecular.

Seminario en Panamá

Seminario donde el investigador, Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, desentrañará los misterios de la Medicina Electromolecular y las Terapias Oxidativas.

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