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This other video is a highlight for all those who are interested in treating malaria and doubt on the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide (MMS) which is sodium chlorite (NaClO2) mixed with an acid (HCL4%) video. This is a pilot trials in Uganda Red Cross through its subsidiary WRF Water is the Reference Center.

On 12/12/2012, International Red Cross’ WRC (Water Reference Center) carried out some studies in Uganda with 154 people with a positive malaria diagnosis. Tests were carried out through microscopic smear and antigens test and they came out negative 24-48 hours after supplying a dose of chlorine dioxide. 143 among them came out negative after taking a single dose of 18 drops after 24 hours, and the remaining 11 with a second dose after 48 hours.


The Red Cross trial that “never was”
As I have mentioned above, Uganda’s Red Cross performed some clinical trials with chlorine dioxide in December 2012 upon request from WRC (Water Reference Center), a sister organization of the International Red Cross Federation in Geneva, Switzerland.

IFRC absolutely dissociates from the presumed “miracle” solution to eradicate malaria.
Published: May 15th, 2013
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) absolutely dissociates from the content of the article published a few days ago by the Master Mineral Solution bulletin, with the title ‘Malaria finally defeated’, and the YouTube video that backs it up. IFRC does not support or endorse the claims made about this project, and it hasn’t, at any time, participated in the clinical trials related to the treatment of malaria. Each year, malaria affects 219 million people worldwide and a child dies every minute because of it. In terms of policies, the IFRC adheres to the WHO’s guidelines, which establish that the only way to fight it is by expanding prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The IFRC expresses its support to Uganda’s Red Cross and acknowledges that, as the public government’s auxiliary, it led the prevention programs in the whole country during the past decade, according to WHO’s guidelines.

More evidence:
You can download here the original PDF of the clinical trial performed by Red Cross’s WRC about their work in Uganda:

More evidence:
The courageous Red Cross German volunteer and witness Kerstin Wojciechowski wrote on December 19th 2012 in her personal blog about the successful use of MMS with malaria.

From 12th– 16th December 2012, an organization called Water Reference Center in cooperation with Uganda Red Cross Iganga branch did a study on a common water purifier and its medical effects on malaria positive people in Luuka district in Iganga – and I was part of it! The Belgium representative of the Water Reference Center Klaas and the Dutch book author Leo came on Wednesday morning from Kampala to the Red Cross office in Iganga.

They gave us a short briefing on the program for the days and information about the water purifying chemicals we were going to use. Two vehicles were packed with water bottles, mosquito nets, technical equipment and a team of about 13 people, including a cameraman, six Ugandan Red Cross volunteers, Enno and me, who departed for Luuka district.

Having arrived in Luuka, people were already waiting for us. Different stations including the registration, the malaria fast test point, the lab, the result interpretation point and the purified water distribution were set up and volunteers were assigned to their respective stations. People – and I have to stress the point that we had everyone from a one month old baby to over 80 year old people turning up for malaria testing – were registered first and went for a malaria quick test afterwards. If the test showed positive, they got tested again with a blood strip under the microscope. Tested negative or positive, people were given purified water, which was prepared by Ronald, Enno and me. Thereby the amount of drops of water purifier varied by age and malaria status. After taking the purified water people were also given bottled water to take home as they had to drink a lot for the chemical to take action in the body. The next day the malaria positive cases were told to come back for another test and a present in form of a mosquito net. The immediate reactions after taking the purified water were worrying to me: People disliked the smell and taste and some children had to vomit. Unfortunately we had to tell people that these symptoms might carry on at home for the day.

The following days showed an unbelievable result: On average, we tested and treated around 150 people per day. About 95% of the people who tested malaria positive were tested malaria negative after only one day while the remaining 5% were tested malaria negative after taking another dose the day after. Among the 5% who tested malaria positive again were children, whom we had given too small a dose of the purified water since we were worried about the vomiting.
I have got to say that I was skeptical about the water purifier and the whole project for the first two days. But I was thoroughly amazed to see little wonders happening. As this occurrence has moved me a lot, I want to write about a woman who tested malaria positive, was given the purified water and tested malaria negative the next day. When she turned up the first day, she could barely walk. Not having eaten anything for nearly three days, she struggled to swallow the water and immediately fainted. She was lying on the ground for over an hour unable to stand up and close to vomiting. I felt so sorry for her and was seriously worried about her condition. The next day another volunteer had to tell me that this was the woman who was lying on the ground yesterday, since I did not even recognize her! I was stunned! She came towards me and thanked me with a big smile on her face. She even stayed for another two hours talking to people and watching us. I could hardly believe how she had changed her condition overnight – very impressive.
This water purifying chemicals seem to have the potential to make a great difference in malaria regions, since they are cheap and, according to the people who work with it since many years, are also curing and preventing other life-threatening diseases. Later on, she had to remove and erase her blog, apparently due to the pressure she was applied. Here’s the link to a stored cache from