Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has generated widespread health care concern and has overburdened health care institutions. As the number of patients recovered from COVID-19 increases, so does the frequency of reports of COVID-19-like symptoms after discharge called Long Covid. Interestingly it is mostly in people vaccinated several times that indicates a very likely relation to possible damage by mRNA vaccines since a large number of directly related side effects and deaths have been reported.

In recent studies, [M.Aparicio et. al.] the five most frequent manifestations of the 25 long-term symptoms observed in this study were fatigue, hair loss, dyspnea, concentration problems, and difficulty sleeping. In addition, people treated with multiple drugs (conventional treatment for COVID-19 plus CDS) had 2.7 fewer cases of side effects, and patients treated exclusively with CDS had 6.14 fewer cases of long-term effects. People who received CDS are 19% less likely to experience long-term health effects than patients receiving standard treatment for COVID-19. According to the findings of this study, patients receiving CDS have a reduced likelihood of developing side effects.

In addition, the incidence of long-term effects is lower in people treated exclusively with CDS. Recent findings related to Chlorine Dioxide support the development of clinical studies to evaluate its efficacy in preventing the development of long-term effects of COVID-19.

According to reports from COMUSAV physicians, CDS has been observed to have highly favorable results in treating Long Covid and mitigating the damage caused by Covid and inoculation.

They recommend following a 3 to 6 month treatment using protocol C to address these cases.
In order to properly evaluate the results, a thorough work-up will be performed including measurement of D-Dimer and ferritin levels both before and after treatment, as well as a complete blood count.

There are serious recovered cases such as Guillen Barre, blood clots, Guillen Barre, myocarditis, fatigue, hair loss, etc…

The image shows the behavior of coagulated blood that recovers immediately:

Infiltración de CDS en el trombo sanguíneo
Oxigenación observada inmediatamente
12 minutos después, recuperación final

The question why CDS works in both Covid and long Covid can be explained as follows:

CDS apparently can remove cysteine and tyrosine from the Spike protein of coronavirus and inoculated by oxidation.

In conclusion, it is important to highlight the arrangement of the areas where the amino acids sensitive to oxidation by chlorine dioxide are located, highlighting that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spike protein contains 54 tyrosine, 12 tryptophan, 40 cysteine residues, in addition to proline, which in turn is present in the structure of ACE2 in connection with RBD, allowing the actions of chlorine dioxide to be projected onto the viral spike. A very illustrative pedagogical example is that the spike is the key and ACE2 is the lock.

Deformation of the key due to chlorine dioxide oxidation of the amino acids cysteine, tyrosine, tryptophan and proline, of the helix chains and oxidation of the lock (ACE2) not only prevents binding, but also rapidly dissolves the existing bond between the spike (RBD) and ACE.

This clearly demonstrates the impact of chlorine dioxide on the functioning of the virus and its interaction with host cells.