Natural Biophysics” seeks to find the intrinsic logic present in nature and its mechanisms, especially in the field of health.

This approach aims to open up new horizons and avenues of development for the treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases, which so far lack a solution, except for pharmaceutical palliative means that fail to cure the patient completely. Natural biophysics always strives to explain phenomena through pure logic, since nature always follows a logical pattern. Therefore, we pose the following key question: 

What is the lowest common denominator that is present in all diseases?

Let’s focus on the basics. Our body and cells obtain energy through the process of combustion. This combustion or oxidation provides us with energy. We burn fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but we are also able to burn toxins, and we have all heard the phrase “I’m going to burn toxins” when someone is exercising. This act provides more oxygen to the body, and in turn, more oxygen provides more “fire” in combustion.The evidence is very simple; we can observe it in barbecuing, when we blow the charcoal and the temperature and combustion increases.We can also observe it in combustion engines when we seek greater efficiency. By consuming the same amount of fuel, we get more power by using a turbo compressor, which is simply a large fan blowing more oxygen into the combustion engine, thus achieving more power with the same amount of fuel.Oxygen is a substance that we use constantly since we are born, therefore, it could be much more important than what has been put forward so far.

The next question that arises is: What is our body? 

We know that there are more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 cells in the human body, but do they know it too? And if they do know it, how do they communicate with each other? Certainly, biochemistry has discovered many forms of cell communication through released chemicals, but this does not explain the totality of these processes. Obviously, there is more to it.

The electrophysiology of the body: Our mind constantly emits electrical signals and these electrical signals are definitely faster and can trigger a myriad of reactions in our body, but for this to happen we mainly need coherence. I don’t mean mental coherence… which is not very abundant in the world either, I mean cellular coherence.

“The minimum denominator of all illness is a lack of energy that creates imbalance in the body.

E = Σ(Ei) – Ee

In this equation, “E” represents the total energy of the body, Σ(Ei) represents the sum of all the individual energy contributions, and “Ee” represents the energy associated with the disease. By subtracting the disease energy from the sum of all energy contributions, we obtain the amount of energy remaining in the body.

Dr. h. c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker


In reality, very little is known about how frequencies work in the body. However, in my field of Natural Biophysics, this is one of the main research topics. I have developed specific programmes for frequency generators, such as Biotrohn.


The Biotrohn® transmits micro-frequencies through hand-held electrodes to improve cellular coherence and thus the biological function of the body. This is achieved through frequency therapy, which regenerates the weakened immune system and improves cellular communication through the use of variable frequencies that promote cellular coherence.


The device features extremely accurate tuning and a wide frequency range, making it the best choice for doctors, therapists and their patients as an excellent treatment tool.


The device has 135 therapy blocks and its frequency spectrum ranges from 1 Hz to 900 kHz, activating automatically in a defined sequence.

The Plasmatrohn® 

It is the big brother of the Biotrohn®, and is characterised by the use of cold plasma pulses as its core technology. This concept was first used by royal Rife in the 1940s, but has evolved significantly since then. Today, this technology has been articulated with even greater precision thanks to the digitisation of variable frequencies.


Unlike the Biotrohn®, the Plasmatrohn® maintains the “spirit” of Rife by using valve technology for low-frequency emission. This creates cellular coherence at a deeper level, which is particularly beneficial for treating chronic and severe pathologies.


The cold plasma technology used by the Plasmatrohn® has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the body, giving it greater efficacy compared to other similar devices. This deeper ability to act is particularly useful in addressing chronic and serious diseases, as it allows the affected cells to be reached more precisely and effectively.


In short, the Plasmatrohn® is an advanced tool that combines cold plasma technology with low-frequency emission through cold plasma. This allows it to offer a more precise and effective therapy to treat chronic and serious pathologies, providing real hope for those seeking more advanced solutions for their health.